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The team made me realise where I was going wrong. I got support from the whole clinical team. They said they wanted to see me get on with my treatment so they could see me move on. It meant a lot for someone to care.

Company information

Partnerships in Care started in 1985 with a single hospital. Since the beginning, we have focused on providing the best patient care across their journey, through secure and rehabilitation services.

We have evolved, and are continuously developing more effective ways to deliver care, work with patients and have teams that are highly skilled, trained and supported.

Our partnership with families and carers, as well as local communities, is beneficial for the patients in our care, but also helps local communities understand the work that we do.

Company timeline
  • 2016

    1st December sees the merger of Partnerships in Care and The Priory Group, creating an unrivalled network across healthcare, education and children's services, adult care and elderly care services.

    Priory and Partnerships in Care join forces
  • 2015
    Over 2,000


    This growth re-affirmed PiC’s position as the UK’s leading and largest provider not only of secure care, but all independent specialist mental health care.

    As well as diversification of service, the growth also afforded further expansion of care pathways so that people can be cared for as close to their home area as possible within a step down journey towards discharge. 2015 marked 30 years since PiC was established in 1985.

    • 30 years as a trusted provider of specialist healthcare
    • 2,096 patients treated in the year to end March
    • First CQC ‘outstanding’ rating for mental health in 2015 for one PiC unit
    • 81% of patients say they are treated with dignity and respect
    • 80% of families would recommend PiC care for their loved one
    • Patient ‘Recovery Network’ launched
    • PathNav launched for patients to record own progress
    • PiC service users win 46 Koestler art awards
    • 62% of ABI service users reduce challenging behaviour within 9 months
    • 89% of staff would recommend PiC services
    • 82% staff satisfaction
    • Newly qualified nurses Preceptorship Academy
    • Care Certificate for unqualified health care workers
    • iLearn new PiC online learning platform launched
    Partnerships in Care acquired a significant number of new services and facilities in 2015 growing to a capacity of over 2,000 beds and more than 60 units. A number of new service areas now include addiction, eating disorder, trauma, enduring mental health needs with physical nursing care, progressive neurological conditions (PNC) such as Huntingdon’s disease or dementia and Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). 2015 marked 30 years since PiC was established in 1985.
  • 2014
    1,306 beds


    PiC's growth helps even more patients receive positive and proactive care.

    • The successful acquisition of PiC by Acadia makes us able to grow and to help  more patients and commissioners
    • 100% CQC compliance
    • 100% CQUIN success
    • 2,043 patients treated
    • Our patient outcomes are among the most measured in the sector
    • Ward to Board and Ward Quality Matters project successes
    • PiC service users engage on a record level in projects, winning 73 Koestler art awards and 12 finalists or wins in national service user awards
    • PiC staff satisfaction and retention is among the top in the health sector
    • Corporate Award wins from LaingBuisson, IHA Apex, Health Investor, Nursing Times, Social Work awards, LD awards, Royal College of Psychiatry, UK Aquired Brain Injury Forum, Association of Psychological Therapies.
    • Joy Chamberlain, Group Chief Executive, elected leader of Independent Mental Health Services Alliance (IMHSA).
    • Dr Quazi Haque, Group Medical Director, elected chairman of RCPsych Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health (QNFMHS) and as a divisional head of the International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services (IAFMHS)
    Partnerships in Care’s growth, with the support of Acadia, helps even more patients receive positive and proactive care. We are helping patients and commissioners to find the right care pathways without the need for multiple reassessments. We focus on recovery and improved quality of life for people in our care.
  • 2013
    1243 beds


    Delivering clinical excellence

    • 100% achievement of CQUINs (2012-2013)
    • Increased provision of low secure, rehabilitation and acute beds
    • New community rehabilitation pathways developed
    • 1,680 patients treated (increase of 29.9%)
    • PiC holds 2nd Sharing Best Practice event with keynote speakers Robert Francis, QC, author of the Francis inquiry report, Professor Nick Alderman, Professor Conor Duggan and Chris Walker of Attain, a leading organisation in supporting Clinical Commissioning Groups and Commissioning Support Units
    • Winner ‘Care Pathway’ category, Laing & Buisson Independent Specialist Care Awards 2013
    Partnerships in Care’s quality pledge is to deliver clinical excellence by working together with patients, carers, families and commissioners in a culture of compassionate and safe care.
  • 2012
    1228 beds


    Introducing full care pathways

    • Joy Chamberlain appointed as CEO
    • Inpatient rehabilitation beds opened at Annesley House and The Spinney
    • PiC holds Sharing Best Practice event
    • Joy listed in Health Investor Power 50
    • Winner of  Independent Healthcare Apex (IHA) Major Secure Care Provider of the Year Award
    • Shortlisted for Laing & Buisson Independent Healthcare Awards
    • Highly commended for Improving partnerships between health and Local Government
    • Verity Chester, PiC research assistant, wins the Institute of Psychiatry/PiC Young Scholar Award
    Continuing to build on our reputation for quality by introducing full care pathways
  • 2011
    1220 beds


    New appointments to the medical team

    • Dr Quazi Haque appointed as Group Medical Director
    • Professor Conor Duggan appointed as Head of Research and Development
    • HSJ Efficiency Award Winner
    • PiC North West hospitals received RAID centre of excellence
    New appointments to the medical team
  • 2010
    1220 beds


    Celebrating 25 years

    • Eastern region reconfigured to include Kneesworth House Hospital
    • Suttons Manor and The North London Clinic form a new London Region
    PiC celebrates 25 year Anniversary
  • 1985
    85 beds


    When it all began

    • PiC acquires Kneesworth House
    PiC acquires Kneesworth House Hospital in Royston, Hertfordshire