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My Psychology has really helped me move on. I do not want to spend the rest of my life in hospital — I want a life outside hospital.

Local communities

The Department of Health and the health sector as a whole are united in a commitment to recognise that people should not have to regard a hospital as a permanent home.

The ultimate goal of mental health or brain injury rehabilitation is to improve a person’s independent capabilities and level of functioning in the least restrictive, most community facing and socially inclusive setting achievable.
Maintaining, re-building or helping to create a continuity of involvement with friends, family, community, society are central to this aim. Reducing stigma and misunderstanding towards people who need specialist care is essential to improve the potential for inpatients to regain a place in society.

Our hospitals strive to work closely with other health and community services in their localities and to support inpatients to be able to safely use community facilities when appropriate. This has been shown to help prevent relapse and promote recovery.

Links that support positive patient experience

Community Liaison, Carer/family groups, Patient Councils, Community Meetings, are all forums to encourage communication and  to test that our patient experience is as positive as we can make it. Where possible, we encourage relatives or friends to visit within six weeks of inpatient admission. Our social workers work with families to help make contact possible.

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