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The services we bring together

As part of the Priory Group, Partnerships in Care can provide a full range of care pathways within mental illness, learning disability, personality disorder, brain injury and ASD.

With hospitals across the country we can provide the right care pathway for patients in our care - across medium secure, low secure, inpatient rehabilitation and housing.   Our hospitals offer seamless progression to less secure care environment at the right moment, without the need for constant reassessment.

A system centred on care outcomes

We want the best for our patients, so we place great importance on treatment outcomes. We have used our 30 years’ experience to develop a unique, multi-disciplinary approach, centred on five care outcomes that contribute to a successful discharge and the best possible chance of a stable life in the community.

The five care outcomes are:

  • Risk reduction
  • Relapse prevention
  • Independent living skills
  • Vocational engagement
  • Social inclusion

The patient is part of the team

Patients – and their families and other carers – are central to determining the right path to health. We support every patient to take optimal responsibility for their progress, listening, responding and building on their ideas and experiences

Bringing out the best in our people

People are at the heart of everything we do. Together, we strive for clinical excellence, innovation and continuous improvement. The greatest difference we can make for our patients is to be a little better every day.